Presenting in London

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Come out to sameAs in London on March 28th for a night of visualization conversation.



Podcast with Jared Spool

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Jared Spool interviewed me for Brain Sparks. It’s a 30 minute podcast; the title is Steps to Beautiful Visualizations.

Update: there’s a mostly-accurate transcript available as well.



Web App Master’s Tour

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This year I’ll be presenting at the Web App Master’s Tour, along with many other brilliant folks. Come see us in Philadelphia March 21-22, Seattle May 23-24, or Minneapolis June 27-28.

Save $100 off the current price by using the discount code WAMT11. That plus the early bird savings is worth $300 total off of the the standard price.

I look forward to seeing you there!



VizThink wrap-up and notes

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VizThink ’09 was awesome. I’ve come back exhausted, energized, and inspired, with a load of new ideas.

Thanks to everyone who presented, who attended my sessions, who asked good questions in all situations, who I talked with and listed to and shared meals with. It was a fantastic time. Special thanks goes out to the crew (and families of!) who put on the conference; I appreciate your hard work and perseverance.

As promised, here are the documents that support my sessions. The best online version of my User-Centered Information Design talk is the version from Infocamp ’08, which includes narration. The only slides missing from that presentation are the design process guidance slides, which I’ve made into a handy PDF.

The snapshot talk on visualizing complexity was supported by this document.

As always, I’d love to hear from you about what worked, what didn’t, lingering or new questions, and anything else on your mind.



Speaking at Puget Sound SIG CHI Jan 22nd

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I invite you to come see me present at the Puget Sound SIG CHI meeting next week.

The topic is User-Centered Information Design

This presentation teaches a practical process for designing successful informative visuals. It begins by discussing the importance of understanding your audience’s needs, and perception and cognition factors that enhance the effectiveness of your visual. This knowledge is then used to inform a step-by step design process, which takes you from a blank page to a complete, successful visual. The process specifically addresses choosing what information to include, where to put it on the page, what it should look like, how it should be labeled, what the links and axes look like, etc.

Thursday January 22nd, 6 – 8:30pm

One Union Square Board Room
600 University St
Seattle, WA 98101-1176

The first hour or so is socializing, networking, etc. The lecture will start around 7, with questions after. This event is free.



Presenting at VizThink 2009

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I will be presenting two sessions at VizThink 2009, Feb. 22-25, in San Jose. The sessions are a 90-minute workshop on User-Centered Information Design and a 20 minute “snapshot” talk on Visualizing Complexity.

If you see me there, please introduce yourself!



Infocamp 2008 Presentation

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This is the slideshow and audio from my Infocamp 2008 presentation on User-Centered Information Design.

The audio synchronization seems to work when played straight through, but not when you manually advance the slides.



Video of my Ignite talk

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This is the talk I gave at Ignite Seattle 5, February 19, 2008. The Ignite format requires presenting 20 slides in 5 minutes, with the slides advancing every 15 seconds whether the presenter is ready or not. The original name for this format was “Ask Later.”



Podcast: Interviewed by Tom Crawford of VizThink

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Here’s a podcast/webinar of me being interviewed by Tom Crawford, who runs the VizThink conference. He asked some good questions. It was a lot of fun.

There’s a video version showing the example diagrams, as well as an audio-only version.



Presenting at Ignite Seattle

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This Tuesday, February 19th, I’ll be one of several presenters at Ignite Seattle. Come if you can; it will be a good time.

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