Harvard Business Review on infovis

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The Harvard Business Review has published an article by researchers from IBM’s Many Eyes project, discussing the benefits of good information visualization.

A choice quote:
Our research has found that the compelling presentation of data through visualization’s advanced techniques generates a surprising volume of impassioned conversations… That level of engagement could foster the kind of grassroots innovation CEOs dream of.

Hopefully this will help increase corporate interest in information visualization.

(via Information Design Watch)

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  1. The power of conversation was a key point in my interview with Fernanda Viegas. Interestingly, in the conversations on climate change, people presented with the exact same information came up with different interpretations of its meaning. This led to some of the longest lasting conversations on the site. It would be interesting to analyze whether there was social construction of knowledge occurring, or if the exchange of opinions simply reinforced individual’s perspectives.

    Comment by Jennifer — December 2, 2008 @ 1:23 am

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